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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  June 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. a hearing for the suspect in mary washington's shooting deepens the mystery concerning her mor. i'm the fredericksburg and i'll have the story coming up. a child is dead a female driver in critical condition after an early morning accident. we're still learning more details in gaithersburg. plus, a suit and tie just won't do it for the murder suspect. the odd attire he wants to wear to court and the price tag for taxpayers. we're almost done with showers and thunderstorms tonight, but we'll be tracking more showers and storms tomorrow. i'll tell you what that means for your evening commute and the nats' game. >> thank you for being here. i'm derek mcdidn'ty. new information on the man charged with the murder of a mary washington university student. a fredericksburg judge has ruled there is enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury. we have more on today's
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disturbing testimony. >> any comment about your son the. >> reporter: the family had no comment today, but his attorney did. >> he is distraught. he is incars raced. he is involved in a murder case. she not going well. >> reporter: he is charged with first-degree murder. the two were students at mary washington university and lived in this off-campus house with two other women. how close was he with grace? >> just housemates. no other relationship, to my knowledge. >> reporter: housemates holly and katherine foundman's body with her hands bound, a plastic bag stuffed in her mouth, and a plastic bag over her headishment e was blue. both women housemates testified today that when they went in the house, they found it disarray. they called for grace but had no answer. so they knocked on holly's bedroom door that's when he walked out and shut the door behind him. they said he was dripping wet with sweat and erratic with his eyes darting back and forth,
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and they said he asked them a strange question. what would you do if grace wasn't here anymore? katherine irvin testified that he told him that he andman were having a disagreement. she said he told her she slapped me, and i strangledder. >> is there evidence that there with a wound on his hand? >> there is evidence that he had a bite wound. >> reporter: wusa 9. >> the defense attorney said they had no relationship other than being housemates, and he knew of no disagreement between them. the man accused of killing a wealthy d.c. family a and their housekeeper has a brand- new lawyer. the investigation is still ongoing, but the police believe that daron wint and others held the family and their housekeeper hostage for hours, torturing them and trying to get money from him. the prosecutors say he murdered the family and set the house on fire. today he was in court for only a few minutes. when asked if he wanted the
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attorney standing beside him to represent him, he said yes a public defender was representing him and now the case is in the hands of shaun hanover and a whole team of lawyers. happenover says he is still gathering details but he has not ruled out the possibility of a plea deal. he is encouraged about the case and he feels good that justice will be served in this matter. >> reporter: are you considering a plea? >> that is a great question and honestly i can't answer it just now because we just entered that's part of what we're finding out. >> reporter: his next court appearance is scheduled for early july. right now he is still being held without bond. a new twist today in that deadly shooting of an ice cream man in frederick. and liles is charge immediate the murder and today the lawyer called the victim, brandon brown, a stalker, saying he had stalked hill for months over a $20 debt. the attorney says lyles was buying ice cream for some kids and was actually surprised to see brown in that truck. a witness told police there was no argument before lyles pointed his revolver and fired.
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emergency crews rushed at least seven people to the hospital tonight, all reportedly overcome by the synthetic drug then as spice. it happen -- drug known as spice. it happened at the shelter and that is the same place where nearly a dozen people overdosed on a different version of a synthetic drug earlier this month. the condition of the people hospitalized today is unclear. the storms are winding down after a fairly active afternoon. we were just tracking what is left on doppler 9,000. >> no, we actually got off pretty easily, pretty light if you will. here is the radar a couple of thunderstorms, one moving down the potomac river. almost diminished completely and one thunderstorm moving through manassas and i-95. this will produce a little bit of light rain. and shower activity not far from the american legion bridge on the virginia side, but nothing crazy heavy a couple of light showers straddling inside
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the beltway. south of silver spring a couple of showers around tysons corner, but thankfully they are all greens and nothing heavy so the south, and at one time it was decent storm. now it is all green which is light on our legend. so just a little bit of light sure activity around woodbridge and south of lorton. if you're going between lorton and fredericksburg, yes, you'll have wet pavement to deal with, but that is about it. it will go across the river and head to potomac heights by about 7:09 on storm tracker, but it will not intensify. the temperatures, look at this. still 91 in d.c. but only 84 in manassas. still 92 in fredericksburg. we'll talk about the cold front. will it finally lower temperature force the rest of your week? and we'll also have your three- degree guarantee. >> thank you. montgomery county police are trying to figure out what led to a fiery crash that killed a little boy. the officers responded to near 370 in gaithersburg. the neighbors told us that they
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see a lot of crashes in that neighborhood. >> it tends to be a spot where a lot of accidents do occur. >> reporter: adrien duncan tells us she had an infant at home but didn't hear it and was up at the same time this white toyota lost control, jumped the median and crashed into an opposite lane catching fire at around 3:30 tuesday morning. an ems crew just happened to be driving by at the time and immediately tried to help the female driver get that back door open. by the time the firefighters forced their way in, it was too late. a young boy sitting in the back seat had died. >> i'm a teacher in area d anytime something happens the child or obviously anyone it is a grave concern of mine for the community. >> definitely one of the dwheas we're trying to figure out is where the come was coming from, you know, and the circumstances of why she had the young boy out at 3:30 in the morning. >> reporter: montgomery county homicide, the fire marshal and
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the collision reconstruction unit are all investigating. they're asking anyone who may have seen this crash to give them a call. in gaithersburg, stef nieve ramirez, wusa 9 nows. police tell thaws woman suffered burns trying to get the back door open. we still do not know her relationship to the victim. tonight the mayor of berkeley, california vow as thorough investigation of an apartment balcony collapse that sent six young people falling to their deaths. five of the victims were 21- year-olds from ireland working and studying in the country. the sixth was a young woman from northern california. seven other people were hurt. now, the police say the group was on a fourth floor balcony early this morning celebrating a friend's birthday when that balcony just gave way. right now tropical storm bill is moving across the state of texas. that storm made landfall this morning bringing with it heavy rain and winds at 50 miles per hour. but the big story as topper will tell you is that rain. flash flood watches have been issued for much of the state and there is a tornado watch in effect tonight through
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southeast dallas. forecasters say the rain will' begin the taper off until friday and into the weekend. the governor of texas has about vatted the state operation center to help respond to major emergencies. well, opening up about her racial controversy. later rachel dolezal explaining why do her mind anyway things are a bit more complicated than many of us may believe. and from the football field to the courtroom, a former ravens' cheerleader admits she took things much, much too far with a 15-year-old boy. and plus, changes coming to ocean city. how they'll free up space for visitors strolling the boardwalk. you're watching wusa
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a former baltimore ravens' cheerleader will be sentenced in august after admitting to raping a teenager boy. she left court without saying a word moments after pleading
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guilty to rape. her son's friend was 15 years old at the time and she told police the sex encounter happened at bethany beach, delaware. she faces up to 15 years in prison and she must register as sex offendser. the man who jumped a fence and somehow made his way inside the white house will be spending the next 17 months inside a jail a judge also ordered omar gonzalez to go through three years of super viced release. the prosecutors say the army vet from text t's was carrying a knife and wanted to warn the president because he thought the atmosphere around him was collapsing. the first family was not home at the time. the man charged in three alexandria murders has a bizarre request. it doesn't have anything to do with the legal proceedings, rather what he wears in front of the judge. and he has asked his lawyer to buy him a certain type of kilt to wear in court. he also wants one of those, quote, colonial williamsburg tricorner hats and it has to be
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black. the item also cost the state $300 and no word on whether it was approved. he is charged with killing throw. the montgomery county judge who has romantic relationship with a convicted felon is retiring. the 54-year-old circuit court judge will leave the bench next month. her relationship came to light after she accused him of kidnapping and assaulting her. he pleaded guilty to the crimes and is now serving a three-year sentence. it also sparked a judicial investigation. metro can take another beating on capitol hill after a tongue lashing from lot lawmakers today. the senators are accusing metro of failing to keep up with its own safety standards. they said metro urgently needs more staff, more training, oversight, and especially new leadership. they emphasized the key to getting better is to change. >> i believe that metro needs a turn around specialist, a chief operating office tore make sure the trains run on time and
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safely. and we've got to bring about change. >> well, the senators acknowledge change require as strong commitment from the congress as well. tomorrow the federal transit administration will talk about what it found while investigating metro's rail and it is expected to release a long list of recommendations on how to improve safety and financial management. an update now on another metro issue. the agency says there is no evidence of major problems with its 4,000 series cars. metro took all of them out of service last week after reports of doors opening while the train was still moving. but the inspectors say some of the doors are at the low end of what metro considers acceptable and the mechanic also be working on changing the tension in those particular doors. after getting fixed up, the 4,000 series car also slowly get back into the rotation over the next month or so. street performer also have to go through a bit more of a song and dance to entertain crowds in ocean city. last night the council approved new rules in hopes of keeping the boardwalk from getting all
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clogged up. beginning next month, they have to pack up and leave by 1:00 a.m. the props have to be smaller than five feet and they'll have to sign up every week and weekend at city hall to reserve their spot. and trimming the fat from our diet. the ingredient that will soon disabeer and the foods most affected. and actually today we got a breast cancer on pollen as well as thunderstorms. you can find this on our web site, everything is low except for mold spores there. we'll come back and show you doppler radar. we'll talk about the cold front. i'll tell you what that means for our tomorrow afternoon
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a woman at the center of this crazy debate over identity and race is trying at least to clear things up. wendy gillette reports that rachel dolezal's identity is not a black or white issue. >> reporter: rachel dolezal said on nbc's today show this
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morning, that she identifies as black and that she as not been deceptive. >> this goes back to a very early age with myself identification with the black experience, as a very wrong child. >> reporter: she resigned yesterday as president of the naacp chapter in spokane, washington. >> are you here to make a stand? >> yes! members held a rally following the development demanding an apology for what they view as deception. >> she is one of our own marching with us, and yet we don't know who she is >> reporter: the city of spokane is now investigating whether rachel dolezal lived about -- lied about her ethnicity when she landed an apointment on the police overnight board. >> for now she is still on that oversight board. another republican enters the race for president. today donald trump officially declared his candidacy ending months of speculation. he spoke before a crowd
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gathered on manhattan's fifth avenue. he declared the american dream is dead but said if she elected president, he will bring it back bigger, better and stronger than ever. he also said he would be, and i quote, the greatest jobs president that god ever created, end quote. the fda made moves to make you a bit healthier. heart clogging transfats are public health concern so it is giving the food manufacturers three years to get that ingredient out of products. transfats usually come from partially hydrogenated oils. they're typically used in processed foods to improve shelf life and flavor and some of the most commonning items are microwave popcorn. however, the fda say transfat cans raise your cholesterol and damage your heart. the companies who insist on using transfat also have to petition the fda for an extension. the first lady taking her healthy eating campaign to italy, but today she took a tea break with a royal. michelle obama sitting down with prince harry. she is there with her daughters and mother to promote education
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for girls all over the world. the first lady announced the u.s. and britain are committing $2million million to developing countries to teach young girls to be leaders and train educators. so the storms have calmed down, but you're sticking with the yellow alert for now? >> oh, no. >> i canceled the yellow alert. >> it is gone. >> i canceled it. it is done. it is done. >> i just told myself to cancel it. >> i got you. >> it didn't materialize, which is good. the bad news in is the front is still to the west of us, so we could actually see another round of thunderstorms tomorrow. i think we're okay. let's start with our three degree garment tee. 91. we shall see tonight at 11:00. the bushes never got out of the 80s today. let's talk about tropical storm bill. it is ashore now. the main threat, always watt a threat, heavy rain.
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here is what we're thinking with the hurricane center, it is going to be between houston and san antonio. that is wednesday morning, late tonight and then waco up to dallas. around thursday at 1:00 in the morning. and then it starts to turn back to north and the east. north of little rock and south of st. louis, and this line represents 1:00 on friday. so it is going to produce a tremendous amount of rain. not just in texas. and there first, yes, but also in oklahoma, northwest arkansas and also into southwest missouri. look at this. we'll put this into monkeypox motion for you. this is the rain potential. by 7:00 on thursday, up to 10 inches of rain around houston. also anywhere from three to seven inches in dallas, oklahoma city, around little rock and also into a good portion of missouri, southwestern missouri anyway. so right now a live look outside. still 91. that is good. winds out of the northwest at 12, but the cold front is not through us just yet. here is the radar and here is the canceled yellow alert. we had showers and storms.
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this is just an hour and they were pretty intense at one point moving around down toward dale city. a couple of sprinkles are still out there, yes, if you're downtown, just south of silver spring and between d.c. and old town, a couple of sprinkles, but nothing heavy. just really not enough to bother you around the mall. everything is pushing off to the east and dying out altogether. so a bit cooler tonight. we haven't been in the 60s in a while. thunderstorms possible again tomorrow, and the highs may hold below 90 tomorrow and thursday and friday. yes, it may be 88 or 89, but that is a psychological victory. it is going to heat up again over the weekend, no doubt. so early tomorrow morning, looking at temperatures in the 60s in the suburbs. still 70 and probably 69 or so in bowie. but 67 in leesburg and 66 in gaithersburg. the clouds return by mid morning and then some showers off to the west. by lunchtime there could be a few spotty showers. the main event is going to be i
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think later tomorrow and tomorrow night. by 6:00 p.m., the showers and storm miss . the mountains. and winchester and cumberland and then it is really going crazy bringing a line of showers and storms in by 11:00 tomorrow night. if that were the case, we would have to then make tomorrow a yellow alert as well. so 70s to start. 81 by 11:00 and 85 by 1:00. 89 on thursday. more storms. 89 on friday. more isolated thunderstorms. the next seven days, we're back in the low 90s saturday. mid 90 for dad. the nats in town for a long time, and the nats on 9 friday, saturday and sunday. derek? >> thank you. coming up, what weighs 350 pounds and is sure to get the neighbors talking? i think you eve got a clue right in front of you.
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well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake.
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red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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a complete stranger giving neighbors in naples, florida something to talk about. the stranger is a big black bear, about 350 pounds, caught on camera just roaming through the streets and rite past folks' front doors. one resident said the bear
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walked around the neighborhood like he owns the police and another neighbor said she'd have to rethink the whole walking the dog at
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trump is officially gunning for the white house. we were at donald's big announcement today. >> could this spell the end of "the apprentice?" i'm tired of politicians. they're all talk, no action. >> a rambling mess of a speech. will be the greatest champagne ever and board room? then, "married atfi rst sight" restraining order. >> what's going on with the two of you? >> only we were at tonight's heated reunion where death threats caught on tape. >> were you going to leave? ex-bachelor on flood shaming. and cookie's wild new look. >> very diana ross. >> and while she's reliving good and bad hair days. >> oh god.


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